December 2014

The Real Estate Market is still strong and there are many buyers in search for their new place to call home. it may not seem ideal to list a home for sale in December, but keep in mind the competition is low as inventory is low and those that need to move will certainly make an offer to purchase. Certainly something to consider.

Cold Out!

Although the weather is cold out..serious home buyers are still out and looking for that new place to call home. It is still a good time to list your home for sale if you are thinking of making a move.

Move in!

Many times people want to know how long from the time your offer has been accepted to conditions being full filled do we get to move into the home. That varies on the sellers and the buyers coming to an agreed date during negotiations. You could move in usually anywhere from 30,60 or 90 days from the date the agreement is firm, as a guide line..