Condo For Lease

Beautiful 2 bed 1 bath, condo for lease. parking, laundry, only 3 years new, available May/June. book a viewing today or if you know someone looking email me for the details.


Well just because your offer was in multiple offers and yours was accepted, does not necessarily mean you are the winner!. as there really is no winner and losers in the real estate transaction. Education is key to the neighborhood you are wanting to purchase in. Work with your local real estate professional and know your market before over bidding!


That is the question on almost every home owners mind when they see a for sale sign on thier street! So if you are curious and want to find out send me a quick email with your address and details of your home, ( how many baths, bed, lot size and area) and then I can give you some idea’s.


Does the decor really matter? Paint colors, are they important? New buyers will paint their own colors, won’t they? I am sure you want to know these answers if you are wanting to sell your home for the highest price possible. So decor, paint, design all matters, as it opens up the market for buyers of the property. Getting you TOP DOLLAR for your sale.

Are You Crazy! Over Bid?

Well the real estate market in the GTA is HOT HOT HOT.. no question. So with a shortage of available homes comes the bidding wars and tons of multiple offers. do you want to be involved? There are pros and cons. Some homes are actually priced below market value, just to create a multiple offer situation. Who knew? That’s why when considering a home purchase work with your local realtor who knows the area and does the home work on the market vakue of the homes in your area of choice. You may be in a bidding war and also get a deal! Nice One..


Now is the time to list your home for sale. Just think if it takes 60 days to close then school is wrapped up and families can move and get organized. To list your home for sale please contact me to for current market information.