Selling Your Home!

Every SELLER has one thing in common! MONEY!! How much will they get for their home? Working with a realtor will help you go thru the selling process,explain the contracts and conditions,marketing of your home, showings, feed back to just name a few. Think professional when you make the decision to sell, get the MOST MONEY possible from your sale.

Your Realtor

Who does your realtor work for? Both buyer and seller may have their own agents, or some buyers like to contact the sellers agent directly. In this case the agent is now in multiple representation.Providing Valuable customer service to the buyer and factual information to the seller. Please note that all Realtor’s are held by the code of ethics and completely understand agency relationships and will certainly provide you with the disclosure of your own buying/selling agency relationship.

Everyone Wants To Work With the Best!

A Royal Lepage sales representative is a trained professional who knows the aspects of the real estate market and the real estate transaction. A Royal lepage sales representative will save you time, money and aggravation.
If you or someone you know where thinking of buying selling or leasing a home, use a location specialist for your area!

E News letter

Happy New Year !!
2012 I will be starting an E News Letter covering many topics in regardes to the real estate market. If you would like to recieve this FREE! information, drop me a note and I will set you up! First issue is Jan 15 2012..