Persons with Disabilities

Some may not be aware that DECEMBER 3 is International Day For Persons With Disabilities..Approximately 650 million people word wide, including 1.85 million ONTARIANS,live with a disability. Of course there are many different types of disabilities,physical, sensory, intellectual, learning, mental illness to name a few.The theme this year is “Together for a Better World for All”

Material Facts

Real Estate Sale Representatives are bound by the code of ethics and each contain several provisions that are subject to interpretation. Section 21 is Material Facts. Which actually MEANS Disclose,Disclose,Disclose! All registrants must on behalf of their clients,take reasonable steps to determine the material facts relating to the purchase and sale of a property and,at the most practicable time DISCLOSE ALL to the client.
When working with the seller, and acting as a listing representative, sometimes the sellers fail to inform about such things as leaks, electrical, roof issues, etc, you get the point? So in addition to Material Facts, the Real Estate Sales Representative is also obliged with FAIRNESS and HONESTY.To sum it up, if an agent see’s something, smell’s something, or know’s something, DISCLOSE! DISCLOSE! DISCLOSE!

Break Out Of The MOULD!

Clients often have fears of mould, are there concerns justified? There are thousands of types of mould that exist and only a few are harmful to people! Toxic varieties such as Stachybotrys, can produce chemicals that are linked to health problems such as sinus infections,asthma,and respiratory infections. Mould for the most part have to be in very large quantities to have a noticeable affect on people.Mould is caused from moisture,excessive humidity,poor ventilation,wet construction, and needs to be taken seriously. Some may gloss over a potenial problem to get a home sold, but SMELL is a number one red flag that there may be a problem. If there is a musty ordor? A homeinspection cannot breal open walls, they do have moisture meters and infra red to see where they maybe moisture. So if there is an ordor, smell and sell, buyer beware of what is behind those walls!

Should I Sell My Home without a REALTOR?

If you stop for a moment and consider the time and marketing involved with selling a home, and if you have the flexibility in your work time to go and show your home to buyers, who sometimes don’t show up?? If you understand all the paper work and contract law that is involved, not to mention the resources for getting buyers approved for a mortgage, home inspectors and stagers to name a few? or just let a professional take care of the details and have the of real estate agents in your province taking your home listing and sending it to their qualified buyers for review, that is over 45,000 agents working together to help sell your home quickly and for top market dollar. Something to think about!

Do Open Houses WORK to help sell a home?

Let”s consider who loves living in the neighborhood that your home is in? Of course the people that live there and when all of their friends, relatives come over for a visit, the home owners will talk about the great shopping close by, awesome teachers at the schools, trails and biking paths,so on and so on, you get the drift! Great neighborhood. Well this may make those visitors want to consider a property in this neighborhood.Something else to consider is, families with small children sometimes have Grama and Grampa move close by to babysit while parents work, so yes, your neighbors may come through your OPEN house, but it may be a GREAT THING that they do, it may put a SOLD sign on your lawn!

Do I Put My Home Forsale in DECEMBER?

Well if we stop for a moment and think of the real estate market, the GREAT mortgage rates, all the different types of people purchasing homes? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to list at holiday times. One thing is for sure those that book to view will certainly be SERIOUS buyers and chances are there is not going to be much property competion (homes for sale) giving the seller an advantage of perhaps getting a higher selling price..If you are thinking of selling, consider this option.

Mortgage Rates!

So much talk lately in regardes to the mortgage rates and the housing market. What does all this mean to the regular person?
It is the interest rate the banks and finance companies are charging to loan money for homes which in return affects how much the home owner can afford monthly for the housing payments.This makes us look at how much you can pay for a home, and of course this sets the pricing for the homes on the real estate market. For more information see the buyers section of this web site.