Where do we want to live?

This of course is the question when you are in search of a new home.You should take some time and think of what you want to live close to, Hwy’s,shopping,parks etc, and then do a drive thru different areas and see if there is one that gives you some interest.I am able to asist with home values in different areas allowing you to get an idea of what your budget will allow for in each area, this helping with you with deciding if the area works for your housing needs.

Can We Buy A New Home?

Yes that is the question? Can we buy or upgrade our home? Well now you can see approximately how much you can afford by looking at the buying section of my web site and seeing the mortgage calculators and how much can I afford calculators. This is a baby step and from there I can refer you to a professional and you can get pre approved and start your shopping for a new home. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Are the cars driving too fast through your neighborhood?

In the spring of 2011 the MILTON TOWN COUNCIL has passed a traffic calming policy.Commonly used measures include speed bumps,traffic circles, curb extensions, raised meridians islands to name a few. if you feel your street needs to be reviewed for traffic calming then visit www.milton.ca and review the policy and apply in writing for a petition and and information package and this will allow for your street to get pre screened to see if it meets the criteria to have these drivers slowed down!


The home sales perdiction is looking quite good for sellers according to the Toronto Real Estate Board for 2012 year. It is thought that prices will have a slight increase, nothing like the two year previous increases but steady and favor sellers. The record low interest rates are still in favor for those wanting to enter home ownership for the first time and also for those growing families that need to upgrade for larger spaces. So looks good for the year,contact me for any details or questions you may have.

Give The Gift Of Life

A person involved in a serious accident may need 50-blood donations! Leukemia patients according to the Canadian Blood Services need 8 donations(units) a week. Please come out and support the blood donor clinics Saturday Sept 10 824 Thompson Rd S. Milton, 9AM-1PM. another will be held Thursday Sep 15 1:30PM-7:30PM walk in are accepted.